Below you will find an ever growing list of resources that have helped me along on my HSV journey.


WAXOH! news featured me an article where I share why herpes turned into a little blessing in disguise! Seem impossible? Give it a read!


Created by Jenelle Marie Pierce as an extension to her already incredibly popular website -The STD Project. Her site promotes and encourages awareness, education, and acceptance through story-telling and resource recommendations.

A podcast that started as a safe space for HSV+ people to talk about their journeys and share their personal experiences. It has since evolved into an “inclusive hub for sex-positive resources.” Real people. Real stories. Real feels. Check it out!

Listen to my episode: Choosing the Better Option to hear some of my story

Follow Carlee on Instagram for daily inspiration, call her up for an HSV support call, or purchase her eBook to help you navigate life after an HSV diagnosis

“I don’t care how you got herpes. An STI is not a reflection of your character or a consequence of a bad decision.” Ella Dawson’s TedTalk - STI’s Aren’t a Consequence. They’re Inevitable - was the first thing that brought me peace of mind after I was diagnosed with herpes.


Writer, sexologist & stigma slayer redefining the narratives surrounding STI’s Her instagram posts are FIRE -sharing her thoughts on disclosure, stigma, and social justice. Her work is grounded in academic research - providing nothing but solid information and valuable knowledge.

A short film about what it’s like to disclose and sleep with someone who is H-negative. Sweet, relatable, and totally worth watching.


Can We Get Over Herpes Already?

Experience More Pleasure with Rae from Positive Results. Learn how I turned lemons into sunshine, setbacks into orgasms, and fear into purpose