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Evolving Your Period

A workshop that will provide period-having folks with the tools needed to create a better relationship with their period and a more sustainable (not to mention body-safe!) routine surrounding “that time.” We’ll also discuss the importance of canceling sayings like “that time” and “Aunt Flo” and replacing them with real language and shame-free conversations! They are periods people! And there is nothing to be afraid of…except for the chemical-laden tampons and the war against reproductive rights!! But I digress…

This workshop will cover:

  • Detoxifying Your Period - Sustainable and Non-Toxic Period Products Worth Switching For

  • Taxation & Period Poverty- The Luxury of Menstrual Hygiene

  • Period Positivity - Removing Shame from Your Period Regimen

  • Self-Care & Ritual - Look Forward to Your Period

Each attendee will receive a Period-Positive swag bag full of tools to evolve their period! Limited space available. Registration ends September 1st, 2019.

Register HERE today.