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Ebb & Flow: Honoring Your Primal Cycle

Do you want to feel more in tune with your body? Are you longing to understand how tracking and understanding your menstrual cycle can lead to a life of intention, clarity and rhythm?

Join Rae Higgins and Cristina Schooler for this two hour primal rhythms  workshop.

Throughout your experience we will provide the setting, education and movement for you to tune-in this special women’s circle.

This workshop is for anyone who is looking for a broad understanding of the inner and outer workings of living a life more in tune with nature’s cycles for living an optimal life.

Topics & Activities Explored

  • Understanding Menstrual Cycles

  • Tracking Cycles

  • The Sacred Feminine

  • Primal Rhythms throughout the seasons

  • Intention Setting & Rituals

  • Breath-Work & Movement


Payment: $40 Please make a payment to:
Venmo: @therootedmethod


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Number of Guests: 20 maximum(First come first serve based on payments received. Once spots fill, we will close tickets!)

More About Cristina:

Cristina is an outdoor educator, nature guide and retreat leader. She owns The Rooted Method, a rewild lifestyle service that puts on transformative outdoor experiences for humans to connect to nature in mind, body and spirit. She leads workshops, community camping trips and private events in Texas & Idaho. Sign up for the rewild newsletter at

More About Rae:

Rae is a registered nurse, sex educator, and yoga instructor. She created Pleasur.Ed, a company dedicated to providing sex-positive, pleasure-focused education, in an effort to reconnect others with their bodies and sexuality. She leads courses & workshops focusing on women’s health, destigmatization, and healing through orgasm. Learn more at